Take your business to the clouds.

The internet has changed the way people do nearly everything from entertainment,  performing research, to creating and fostering business and personal relationships.

The Net's effect on business has been huge. And today, for mission-critical data, "cloud computing"  is introducing many time and cost savings benefits to the way business is done.  Don't let the phrase "cloud computing" confuse you.  It is just a short way of saying your data is online via the internet in a safe and secure, always accessible location.

Whether you're considering to move your business operations to the "cloud" or just want to test a specific application you use everyday (Quickbooks or Microsoft Office for example), cloud integration offers you and your bottom-line significant benefits. 

* Access to the "cloud" is from ANY web browser from any PC, Mac or Smart-phone, regardless of where you are. All you need is a connection to the internet.  Even better is a direct connection to MontanaSky for reasons we will discuss a bit later.

* We actually can "clone" your entire existing computer to the cloud, if you wish, complete with it's operating system and file structure you are comfortable with, resulting in less training and more efficiency for you.  When you need more memory, processor speed or hard disk space.... we do it immediately with a turn of a knob:  instant upgrades in the clouds.

* For data in the cloud, companies like MontanaSky provide offsite data redundancy that's stronger than the backups most business users have in place. If your hard drive crashes or if your computer vanishes, you don't need to worry that your data has disappeared forever.  It has not!   MontanaSky's cloud is duplicated in another secure location, too! 

* A wonderful added benefit is MontanaSky's experts work with your existing IT people so they can continue to provide your company with their trusted and beneficial expertise, or MontanaSky can provide with complete PC to Cloud support to help make your entire workstation, network and connection to all IT services secure, efficient and trouble free.

With the right turnkey service plan with MontanaSky, you can have your computers and IT  network running strong and your apps in the clouds, ready for you to take advantage of never having to buy, maintain or back-up an in house office server again!  And your network will free of bottlenecks, slowdowns outages that you may have come to expect as normal.  It does not have to be that way. 

 MontanaSky is a ray of sunshine in the clouds!  
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