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Our team of web professionals offers the following services:

- Getting a Domain Name

- Selecting a Hosting Package that suits your needs

- Installing a Content Management System if desired (Wordpress)

- Email and Spam Filtering  

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Hosting Plans come with 5Gigs of storage and 20Gigs of Bandwidth.
If your website exceeds this size or usage, we will contact you to make unique arrangements for your situation. Our servers are scalable to handle any of your web needs. 

For Hosted Business Applications, such as hosted MS Exchange, and other software that is accessed remotely, we give custom quotes. 

Call 406-752-4335

Item Price
Domain Name Registration $19.95/year*
 *May vary depending on TLD cost.  
Basic Hosting $10 per month
Setup $25 (one time)
FTP Access Included
PHP Available
WordPress Hosting $20 per month
Installation $25 (one time)
1 MySQL Database Included
5 Email Accounts Included
FTP Access Included (optional)
Plugins Available through admin panel
5 email accounts $5 per month
MySQL Database $5 per month
SSL Certificate $5 per month

  • Most existing businesses already have a domain name. Some have no services attached to it and others have only email. Some have only a website, and others have everything, but scattered across many vendors and geographic locations.
  • Setting up a website can be pretty straight forward, especially if you start from scratch. Not much can go wrong.
  • Moving a website can be a bit trickier, as illustrated in the graphic above.
  • Many separate parts. The "address" of each part must be known by its parent.
  • It is entirely possible to have one company host the email, another host the website, and a third manage the domain name etc.
  • It is usually easier to let one company take care of all of it. It reduces the chance of duplicate settings and routing conflicts.
  • DNS (2) is one vital part that most people are unaware of.
    DNS is the address authority for routing all traffic for the domain name. Including Email (MX), Web traffic, sub domains, (A and CNAME records), SPF and TXT records for domain validation etc. Without a DNS server, your domain name would go nowhere.
  • Many businesses find an eager web designer who points the domain name to their favorite reseller account without realizing that email will stop working.
  • If Address records are left behind in the abandoned DNS Server when a Domain Registrar is no longer pointing to it (DNS), it (the previous DNS) will continue to direct random Internet users to the old site. This can cause strange behavior.
  • The same goes for website, email and DNS. There is no such thing as moving or transferring. There is only Add and/or Delete. Don't forget to Delete! or notify your old host when you move. The ONLY thing that you TRANSFER is a domain name. It can only exist in one place (registrar 1).
  • Consult with your hosting company regarding potential pitfalls before moving your website.
  • MontanaSky can provide all the services in the illustration, including the Internet Service throughout most areas of the Flathead Valley of Montana.
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