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Battery Backup & Surge Protection. We all need it.

At MontanaSky we protect our equipment from power fluctuations. But we meet people every day who are learning the hard way with fried motherboards, modems, monitors and other expensive electronics. Sometimes it has caused dataloss that cannot be recovered.
A UPS ( Uninterruptible Power Supply ) is a simple and affordable way to protect your investment from unpredictable power.    More Product info
Limited time offer.

If you do not have a UPS backup let us know, and we'll have one ready for you at our office.

Buy one for $79

If you are a Montana Sky customer, you may rent one or charge it to your accuont. Reserve one today.

Rent One for $4.99 per month.




Location Info Address City State Zip Phone Phone Tree
Kalispell Business Office Hours 1286 Burns Way Kalispell MT 59901 406-752-4335 Press 1: Tech Support
8am to 6pm Monday-Friday 7581 Hwy 35 N Bigfork MT 59911 406-752-4335 Press 2: Sales
  912 W 9th Street Libby MT 59923 406-293-4335 Press 3: Accounting
Bigfork Office 419 Dewey Ave Eureka MT 59917 406-889-4335 Press 4: Computer Repair
9am to 5pm Monday-Friday           Press 5: Web Hosting
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