Internet Connections

Your connection is a critical element of Cloud computing We offer a broad range of Internet connections to ensure you have exactly what you need to successfully use the Cloud. All MontanaSky Internet connections are reinforced by three different fiber paths out of the Flathead Valley on three different systems so you get built in redundancy for your data. Regardless of budget, technical need, or company location, we have the connection options you need today and into the future.

Standard Connections

MontanaSky always deliver quality.

Our selection of Standard Connections offer affordability without compromising reliability.


Basic Internet Service over copper lines.

Digital Subscriber Lines or DSL are a great way to get Internet service in geographically hard to reach locations.


Line-of Site Wireless Internet.

WiMax delivers our top quality Internet service through the air.

Premium Connections

Business Class Connectivity.

MontanaSky's Premium Connections offer performance and reliability that were once only found in major metropolitan markets.

Fiber Optics

Speed of Light.

Fiber Optic cable has long been the gold standard for fast, reliable, Internet. It allows data to move at the speed of light and that enables the smoothest Cloud experience.

Fiber OTA

If the cost of Fber is prohibitive because of your distance from our backbone, Fiber Over-The-Air maybe the answer.

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