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In a rapidly changing world of technology, MontanaSky is staying on the forefront of innovation and customer service. High speed, reliability and unmatched local service at a competitive rate, is what built our reputation. Northwest Montana is sparsely populated, and due to the cost of infrastructure upgrades, many areas do not yet have access to wireless and fiber optics services that metropolitan areas enjoy. MontanaSky is dedicated to bridging that gap to bring world class bandwidth and I.T. solutions to rural Montana, and keeping dollars local as best we can.


Standard DSL via existing phone line.

Our basic Internet connection comes in a variety of speeds. Take a minute to explore your options.


No phone line required.

SkyConnect is a wireless internet connection that does not require a phone line and offers faster uplink speeds than DSL. It does require a line-of-sight radio path from your building to one of our towers. Ask us for a free sight survey to determine if your location can be served via SkyConnect.

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Minimum Broadband Technology

Standard Circuits

Standard Circuits are available where there is a phone line OR a line-of-sight to one of our SkyConnect towers.
1.5 Mbps
Basic E-Mail, Web Browsing, VOIP
DSL, SkyConnect
1.5Mbps - 3 Mbps
Music, Standard Def Video (SD), Remote Surveillance, Telecommuting
DSL, SkyConnect
3 Mbps - 6 Mbps
File Sharing (Small/Med Files), IPTV (IP TV)
DSL, SkyConnect
6 Mbps - 10 Mbps
Online Gaming, Video on Demand (i.e. Netflix)
DSL, SkyConnect

Custom Circuits

Our Fiber Optics and Radio Tower foot print is expanding rapidly. Please contact us to find out if the following speeds are available in your area.
10 Mbps - 25Mbps
Telemedicine, Remote Education, IPTV High Definition (HD)
Bonded DSL, FIBER, HIGH CAP SkyConnect
25 Mbps - 50Mbps
HD Video Surveillance
50 Mbps - 100 Mbps
Video Conferencing (Multiple users), Remote Supercomputing
> 100Mbps
Real-Time Data Collection, Real-Time Medical Image Consultation
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