We offer Phone Service with our Internet products.

Long Distance

With MontanaSky phone service, you can add on a long distance company of your choice.
Once you have selected your long distance carrier, let us know your pin and we will get you set up.

Choose A Long Distance Provider

Standard Phone

For our Internet customers, we provide the option of getting your land line phone service on the same bill. You basically just order your phone service through us or request to have it transfered. And yes, you get to keep your phone number.

Contact us for details. 406 752 4335 Option 2 for Sales.

E-911 Service

Many of our customers have opted for a basic phone line to primarily carry the internet signal. Even though this is not a traditional phone service, it gives you the ability to call Emergency Services at 911.

You can upgrade to a standard local calling plan for approximately $10 more.
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